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Auto Lift Accessories

Others may go a bit further and install an improved stereo system. But when it comes to dedicated hobbyists or those who work on vehicles for a living, sometimes more intricate and detailed operations are in order.

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Simple modifications and maintenance can easily be accomplished when the vehicle is in its natural position. However, for more advanced operations it is sometimes required to work under the car or truck, or to approach it from a completely different angle. For mounting and raising vehicles for maintenance, repairs, and modifications, Best Buy Auto Equipment has a versatile stock of auto lift accessories.

Elevate With Standard or Deluxe Models
Even when it comes to more advanced customization and repairs, there are varying levels of jobs. We understand this, and work to offer a variety of auto lift accessories in standard and deluxe variations. From models which are designed to replace traditional crowfoot and wench setups to deluxe models which offer a bit more stability for bigger jobs, there is an option for everyone.

Brackets and Hooks For Easy Raising
Raising a vehicle off the ground can sometimes be a dreaded task, as one must be sure that the unit will remain stable and safe. Our auto lift accessories stock includes high-quality brackets which are designed to hold up to 4,000 pounds.

Versatile, Clean, and Efficient Work Every Time
In order to make it easy to work on a number of different vehicles in quick succession, we offer adapter kits and screw packs to help you adapt to working on almost any vehicle with ease. Drip trays are also available to catch fluids and keep your workspace clean and tidy.

Increased Technology For Bigger and Heavier Vehicles
While auto lift accessories may encompass a number of smaller parts and tools, we also offer equipment geared for larger operations. Some models utilize spring-loaded systems to raise units that are 8,000 pounds. No job is too small or too big when you’re utilizing the proper equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the necessary auto lift accessories?

Whether you work as a professional mechanic or like to tinker at home in your garage, there are a few much-needed accessories you will want to pair with your auto lift. The most popular amidst trained technicians and DIY enthusiasts are:

  • Oil drains, vital for any shop or at home.
  • Heavy-duty vehicle lifts will want wide frame cradle pads for the big trucks and vehicles.
  • Utility box for operating electrical or air outlets that can be mounted on a lift for convenience.
  • Fixed sliding jack tray or telescoping sliding jack platform
  • Oil pans or rolling drain pan

How large of a garage is needed for auto lifts and accessories?

How large a garage is needed for an auto lift and accessories will rely on the type of lift and the kinds of accessories you're looking to add. To consider how large or how much room you'll need in your garage, consider the following:

  1. Clearance height. You can have ample floor space, but if your garage has a low ceiling or overhead storage you might not have the room to use an auto lift.
  2. Next, floor space. How much space can you dedicate to the lift? When not in use, the posts will still need space.
  3. Placement and access. You'll need to be able to move around the lift and to be able to access it. A large space, a lift may be placed in a corner or angle. Most lifts, however, will be aligned with the entry door or bay.
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