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Gas Caddies

Gas caddies are perfect for storing and transporting fuel for vehicles, motorcycles, lawn equipment, boats, and more. Designed to be safe for storing diesel, gasoline, and kerosene, these mobile units can be used for many purposes. At Best Buy Auto, we offer a variety of mobile systems and assistors to meet your needs.



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Gas Caddies, Carrytanks & Fuel Handling Sytems

Poly Carts

To meet the needs of a variety of applications and industries, we offer the Fuel Chief line by John Dow Industries, Todd Enterprises, and Lincoln models of poly carts. These units are designed to store and transport fuel to shop vehicles, boats, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), lawn mowers, generators, heaters, and more. Several gas caddy models are available; all constructed of high strength, durable material like cross-linked polyethylene, and heavy-duty welded steel.

These units offer extreme durability under almost any condition. Many gas caddies are available in three color options for easy identification. Red for gasoline, Yellow for diesel, and Blue for kerosene. These carts come with handles and durable tires to allow easy transport on most surfaces. They also include transfer hoses for easy fuel dispensing. Each unit is unique and holds a different amount of fuel so that you can choose the system right for your particular application.

Two-Way Pumps and Filters

In addition to the poly cart gas caddies, we also offer two-way pumps and filters from John Dow Industries. The John Dow two-way pump offers pump assisted fueling when gravity flow is not an option. The John Dow two-way fuel filter automatically filters fuel in either direction, siphoning, or dispensing. This two-way filter does not require manual levers or valves for adjustment.

Make the job of storing, transporting, and filling up vehicles, boats, ATVs, and more simple. At Best Buy Auto Equipment, we offer several gas caddy models to meet your needs. We also sell high-quality, convenient two-way pumps, and filters for every situation. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, brands, and options for a perfect fit.

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