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Body Shop Equipment

Outfit your body shop with equipment built to last. At Best Buy Auto Equipment, you have access to everything you need for an efficient and productive work space.

Metalworking Supplies

Mechanics need heavy duty tools to work with dented, chipped and scratched metal. Our selection of metalworking supplies include:
  • Buffers/polishers
  • Hole punchers
  • Drills
  • Dent repair tools
  • Air saws
When it comes to choosing metalworking machinery, we know that quality matters. That’s why we carry reputable, brand name tools. In our online store, you have access to the brands metalworkers know and trust to deliver the best results.

Paint and Finishing Supplies

Painting a car requires specific tools and procedures. At Best Buy Auto Equipment, you can enhance the quality of your painting system with a broad range of specialty tools, including:
  • Prepping
  • Striping and molding
  • Polish
  • Spray guns
  • Brushes
  • Tack cloths
  • Mixing machines
  • Spray tools
  • Curing systems
  • Detailing products
Browse our selection of paint products to outfit your body shop with gear you can depend on. Check out product descriptions for details regarding size and performance.

Heavy Duty Body Shop Tools

In order to operate efficiently, an automotive repair business needs core gear. We stock a broad variety of heavy duty supplies for mechanics, such as:
  • Bumper stands/racks
  • Hooks and chains
  • Work benches
  • Stud welders
  • Sanding/grinding supplies
  • And more
Best Buy Auto Equipment is your ultimate resource for the heavy duty furnishings you need at your business. We also supply a broad range of lifts.

Automotive Supply Accessories

In our online store, you can find the accessories you need to perform detailed and accurate work. From different nozzle types to fillers and putties, you have access to accessories as well as core machinery.

Discuss Your Options with an Expert

When you are running a business, every financial decision must be calculated carefully. We understand the importance of staying on budget. We provide informed guidance to owners and operators of repair businesses nationwide. We take pride in providing our customers with benefits like 0% financing, delivery, installation, and ongoing technical support. Committed to your satisfaction, you can reach us toll free at 855-275-5141. Call today to speak with a car repair expert about your body shop needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What tools do body shops use?
A: Body shops need a variety of heavy-duty tools, metalworking supplies, and paint and finishing supplies. To work with dented, chipped, or scratched metal, you’ll need buffers, polishers, hole punchers, drills, and air saws. To paint a car, you’ll need polish, spray guns, tack cloths, mixing machines, detailing products, and more. The exact tools you need will depend on the services you provide!
Q: How much does it cost to open a body shop?
A: Determining the EXACT cost of opening a body shop will depend on the size of the startup, but you can expect it to cost at LEAST $32,000. Larger businesses may cost $150,000 or more. Most body shop owners run a family-owned shop that’s been passed down to them through the years!
Q: What are some tools and equipment used in an auto body repair shop?
A: In an auto body repair shop, shop owners need both small tools and heavy-duty pieces of equipment in order to do their job well. Smaller tools may include chisels, pick hammers, stud welders, creepers, and lights, while heavy-duty pieces of equipment may include A/C machines, frame machines, jacks, and car lifts. If you’d like to know more, or if you have any questions, give us a call.
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